Queens Wharf Village

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This flexible inner city space provides an informal area for people to come together for various occasions.

Since its purchase by the Crown and Auckland Regional Council in 2009, Queen’s Wharf has become a key public space for informal recreation, events and celebrations. This project was delivered for Panuku Development Auckland and involved the activation of the southern end of Queens Wharf with the introduction of a retail and food and beverage container village.

The container village comprised of 8 new shipping containers and 3 existing shipping containers which were located in the context of an ‘outdoor area’ and included green turf, shade canopy, Pohutukawa planters, information screen and kiosk, seating and fairy lights. The infrastructure necessary to service the village included 5 portaloos, shared storage, under wharf infrastructure and a rubbish enclosure.

The container village helped meet the needs of the cruise ship and ferry passengers using the wharf and played an important role in mitigating the loss of the retail and food and beverage activities displaced by the City Rail Link and Downtown Programme redevelopment works.

Project details

Panuku Development Auckland
Infrastructure, Tourism and Leisure, Special Purpose, Public Sector
Empire Electrical Services, Royal Wolf, Shade Systems, Hunua Park Furniture, Douglas Blair Ltd., Tiger Turf