Manukau Road

Manukau Road Exterior

The refurbishment of this building celebrates its 100 year old history while applying modern architecture at the same time.

When the owners took the decision to develop the site they had owned since 1982, they wanted to celebrate the history and character of the area whilst embracing modern style and design. The building at 594-598 Manukau Road is situated on the corner of the busy retail section of Epsom Village, Manukau Road and the leafy residential street of Ngaroma Road.

The juxtaposition of the original building’s 100 year old facade against the modern rough-sawn weatherboard textured concrete façades achieved a striking blend of old and new.

This development has been somewhat of a catalyst in the regeneration of the local business area. The project has added to the retail activity of Manukau Road by revitalizing and extending the active edges along Manukau and Ngaroma Road whilst integrating with the current character of Epsom Village, leaving a visual link to the past.

Project details

The Bonn Family Trust
Commercial, Apartments, Residential
Aspec Construction, RTA Studio, Mesh Consulting, Thorburn Consultants