Jellicoe Street

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The revitalisation of an inner city industrial harbour area now better known as Wynyard Quarter.

Jellicoe Street was part of the initial development of Wynyard Quarter which opened in time for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. It was previously an underutilised industrial area and was transformed into a paved 400m boulevard which is now the main backbone of the quarter. The street is flanked with planting and raingardens instead of the usual stormwater gutters and drains and is pedestrian friendly.

Adjacent to Jellicoe Street and part of the same development is the North Wharf, a seaside promenade which still has the original rail tracks used by machinery that loaded fishing boats. Jellicoe Plaza is located half way down Jellicoe Street at the intersection of Daldy Street. This public space accommodates Michio Ihara’s Wind Tree Sculpture. Jellicoe Street and the surrounding precinct has become one of Auckland’s premier food and entertainment areas.

Project details

Panuku Development Auckland
Infrastructure, Public Sector
Dominion Constructors, Beca, eCubed, TCL


  • Wynyard Querter: International Society of City and Regional Planning Best Waterfront Award 2014
  • Wynyard Querter: Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize 2014
  • Wynyard Querter: Property Council NZ Best in Category 2012