Bankside Extension, Northern Club

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A new addition to the Northern Club, adding sophistication and style to the existing heritage building.

Located in the Auckland CBD, the Bankside Bar and Lounge were a new addition to the Northern Club which has been part of the community since the 1870s. The extension adds sophistication and style to the existing heritage building from 1867. It follows a previous extension in the 1970s and a renovation in 2008, and hosts not only a modern bar and lounge but also a rooftop terrace surrounded by the city lights.

Cheshire Architects combined nature with architecture with bespoke interior elements. Built on volcanic rock, extraordinary geotechincal and structural skills were required to design sufficiently strong piles which reach over 20m into the ground.

Project details

The Northern Club
Tourism and Leisure
Alaska Construction, Cheshire Architects, Maltbys, Beca


  • Heritage & Adaptive Reuses Property Award of Merit Award 2020
"The vision of the Founders of the Northern Club in 1869 was 'to enable generations of members to enjoy the fellowship of friends and guests in our magnificent Club building.' In my opinion MPM Projects, Cheshire Architects and Alaska have absolutely delivered on that vision with the magnificent Bankside Extension."
Derek Nolan QC - Former President
The Northern Club