Projects, managed from inception to completion.

MPM Projects is one of New Zealand's leading independent project management organisations.

Offering an experienced team of in-house project managers to deliver your project, MPM is built on relationships, stability and integrity which we are proud to demonstrate through our work.

We draw from our collective wealth of experience in Quantity Surveying, Architectural Design, Construction Management, Engineering and Building to ensure that your project runs efficiently from inception to completion.

Project Management

Stakeholder Management
We bring together groups and individuals to reach agreement on the common goals to be achieved for a project, while still ensuring individual objectives are met without compromising the overall vision.
Design Management
We lead design teams to keep to the agreed brief, timeframes and budgets, monitoring key deliverables at each design milestone.
Consent Management
We understand the complex consenting requirements for construction projects and our long standing relationships with consent authorities means we can address issues with the right people.
We conduct a transparent procurement process for the engagement of main contractors and consultants giving our clients comfort they are getting the best person for the project at the best price.
Programme Management
We set out the roadmap for a project and direct project participants to deliver their given outputs on time.
Cost Management
From the outset we set the project budget and manage the project within the budget constraints as well as tracking and certifying all payments made against the project budget.
Quality Management
We establish the quality parameters for the project through design and construction phases and ensure systems are in place to monitor and control quality.
Risk Management
The aim is to eliminate or minimise risks before they occur. We do this by using a process of identifying potential risks, assessing their likelihood of occuring, impact to the project, developing mitigation strategies and assigning the most appropriate project team member to be responsible for each risk.

Quantity Surveying

Feasibility Studies
We can assist clients with the preparation of feasibility studies to calculate the financial return which can be derived from a project.
We give essential practical advice on the cost of a project.
Value Management
We expose unwanted risks and identity assumptions which can improve outcomes and reduce costs by conducting rigorous design reviews throughout the project.
Cost Management
Optimise value for money by controlling costs within the agreed budget.

Advisory Services

Asset Management
We prepare condition survey reports to assist asset managers to forecast maintenance and renewal costs for their buildings. We do this by assessing the physical condition of each building element, estimating replacement value and replacement year to provide an overview of upcoming expenditure.
Master Planning
We assist our clients by looking at the overall conceptual layout of their site for future growth and development and prioritise projects to ultimately achieve the end goal.
Dispute Resolution
We work with all parties to reach an agreeable solution when things do not go to plan.
Expert Witness
We have professionals who are experts in their field who can provide technical advice on construction costs and methodologies to assist with legal disputes.
Development Response
MPM have been part of the Council-led Development Response Programme within Auckland’s Downtown & Karangahape Road Enhancements projects. Development Response is the co-ordinated planning and implementation of tools to mitigate the impacts of large-scale development and cumulative impact of construction activity on people. The Development Response strategy targets the specific needs of a given development perimeter and essentially looks out the fence line to the impacts and associated mitigations necessary.
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An experienced team of in‑house project managers to deliver your project.

MPM undertake projects for a wide range of clientele in both the private and public sectors.

Drawing on our collective wealth of experience to ensure that your project runs efficiently.