Holy Trinity Cathedral - MPM Projects

Bishop Selwyn Chapel & St Mary's Church

The Cathedral complex is considered the Anglican ‘Mother Church’ of the Auckland Diocese and is a physical representation of Anglican heritage and values. The construction of the Chapel saw the completion of “Bishop Selwyn’s Vision” meaning the Holy Trinity Cathedral could finally be consecrated. The Chapel completes and extends the journey from North to South on the site, from the front of the Cathedral through the Chapel at the rear. The floating gold ceiling and the fully retractable doors allow the Chapel to fully open, meaning the internal and external environments are seamlessly brought together. From the Chapel the connection is extended so that visitors have views through the century old oak trees that frame the view of One Tree Hill in the distance. The Chapel has a contemporary form to ensure there is no confusion with the heritage protected St Mary’s Church which was also renovated as part of the project.


Property Council NZ Merit Heritage & Adaptive Reuses 2018

Los Angeles Business Council Achitecture Award 2018

AAP Awards American Architecture Prize 2017

NZIA National Awards John Scott Award for Public Architecture 2017

DINZ Best Awards Designer's Institute Gold Pin for Public Architecture 2017

World Architecture Festival Highly Commended Award for Religious Architecture 2017

Architecture NZ Voted in the Top 10 Most Transformative Projects in NZ in the past decade 2017

Client: Anglican Diocese of Auckland
Completed: 2016